Soon Machines Will Take Our Jobs… and a Whole Lot More

Soon Machines Will Take Our Jobs… and a Whole Lot More


You may have heard reports of “The Robot Revolution”, and how we will soon be replaced by machines. This isn’t a science fiction movie plot, but an actual change that is happening RIGHT NOW. It can be frightening to think that your cushy desk job surfing Reddit on the sly may soon come to an end.  But what about competing with robots on your leisure time?  Does it scare you more that C3PO is going to be filing your TPS reports, or that he’s also going to MURDER your score at Candy Crush?


Junya Sakamoto of Japan (notice a trend here?) has uploaded a YouTube video of his laptop-connected gamebot playing Puzzle & Dragons to reach a level that is unattainable by mere mortals. Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile matching game similar to the ones you hear “that guy” playing in the bathroom stall next to you at work. Yeah.. those blips and bleeps are not the sounds of his bowels moving during his 45 minute bathroom break; he’s leveling up in his mobile games.

The bonus video shows the process Junya Sakamoto went through to build his robot. This at least proves we still have a few more years left before robots start building robots. That’s when we are screwed, and our entire lives will become one long bathroom break.  Will they still let us play our apps?